We offer electrolysis treatments only. FDA has approved electrolysis as permanent hair removal. Laser is classified as reduction of hair. Treatments are private and we use strict sterilization methods. Medications such as anti-depressants, thyroid medications, some high blood pressure medications and hormone medications can stimulate unwanted hair. Tweezing and waxing are temporary methods and can stimulate new growth as well. Call for a complimentary consultation which includes a sample treatment. Consultations run 30 minutes long.
It is very important to hydrate before treatments, drink water days before and day of treatment to allow better absorption of the energy and this will also cause less discomfort. No Starbucks walking in the door!!

The       three             misconceptions      of            electrolysis:
  • It hurts. Our equipment has made treatments almost painless, we utilize the Apilus XCELL Pro, unlike lasers which feels like rubber bands smacking your skin. 
  • It is expensive. Treatment fees are very reasonable and can range from $40 for 10 minutes to $90 for an hour of treatment.
  • It works on dark hair only. Electrolysis works on blond, white, red and grey colored hair, lasers cannot treat hair that is light in color. Even if you have laser reduction sessions, the remaining hair can be permanently cleared by electrolysis.
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